Cut paper study for upcoming project. #collage #paper #art #design #rectangles #mywork

Buckminster Fuller. Wise words.

Make it happen.

@phenomglobal studio day. 🙇

Lone pocket. @phenomglobal #phnmxsw

End of the roll.

Did this lettering for my cousin @sarahann0819. So proud of this little lady, she’s come a long way as an artist and human. Keep gettin it, girl.

New tees for @wearehotdate. Swoop one at their Valentines Day show at the Amsterdam in Saint Paul. I hear they are playing all Sam Cooke covers…all night long…

Studio, 3am.

Found this pattern book I made in @saucyunicorn’s #publication class. I made all of these patterns from scratch on a copy machine!

The art of gray.

Amazing piece from the “9 Artists” exhibition at the Walker Art Center.

Staying above the clouds. All day sunshine.